Truths About Teeth Whitening


Here are some truths about teeth whitening.

  1. Teeth whitening does not destroy the enamel of your teeth. The main ingredient of most teeth whitening products is hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Teeth whitening is safe and being used for 100 years already.
  3. You can definitely use whitening gel. There are two kinds if whitening gels that dentists recommend; carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Both ingredients are safe and effective to use.
  4. You can use whitening gels or products for your crowns, veneers and dentures. It is not true that you can just use it on your natural teeth.
  5. Whitening products can be found in all countries. If you hear if a product came from china, it’s already unsafe. In fact some countries really do get products from china because these products are mostly manufactured in china.

Home Teeth Whitening

Well, you might have heard of home teeth whitening. If you are saving money and don’t want to spend money going to your dentist, then you can go for the home treatment, teeth whitening alternative.

You may ask your dentist if they are selling whitening formula that you can use at home. Here are different home teeth whitening options:

teeth whitening

  1. Brush On Formula – you can buy the formula from your dentist. You will be provided with the steps on how to use it. You just need to brush the formula over to your dry teeth, make sure you don’t get your teeth wet by licking your teeth or it got wet because of saliva.
  2. Whitening Strips – there are also whitening strips that you can buy to whiten your teeth. You will just have to stick these strips to your teeth and leave it for minutes or hours (depending on the kind of strip you bought).
  3. Bleaching Gels – Careful with this method however if you buy it just from the market. There are bleaching gels that you can just rub over to your teeth just like the brush on formula.

whitening strips

These are the home teeth whitening that you can choose from. Before you use any of these steps, make sure to see your dentist first.

Teeth Whitening Options

There are two options that you can choose from if you want to whiten your teeth.

teeth whitening-2

  1. Dental Whitening – you can visit your preferred dentist and undergo teeth whitening process.
  2. Home Teeth Whitening – there are whitening procedures that you can just use at home to keep your teeth whiten.

If you go to the dental clinic, your dentist will do all the process for you. All you need to do is just sit on the dental chair and ready yourself for the procedure for at least an hour depending on the kind of whitening process your dentist will use. There’s laser bleaching, teeth whitening mouthpiece, etc. It’s all up to your dentist what process he is using. This is however a pricey method compared to home treatment.

Home whitening would be simpler process that you can use at home. You just need to buy the formula from your dentist and apply the steps or method at home. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully so you’d achieve the result that you want.